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Coconut oil weight lose

Mct oil weight loss

Mct oil

Easy ways to lose weight: The effect of coconut Mct oil is not limited to combating disease and cosmetic deficiencies, but is also reflected in such mundane things as a desired weight loss.

Independent studies have shown time and again that coconut oil has a regulating effect on the entire energy balance of the body and thus can contribute in the long term to a healthy weight loss. In contrast to the promises of many diets and dietary supplements, no short-term weight loss is realized here, which then falls victim to the dreaded JoJo effect within a short time, but a slow and long-term weight loss.

Understand the relationships

To understand the effect of coconut oil in the context of weight loss of the body, one must first look at how the organism works and how weight loss can be successfully achieved. The basic rule is that in order for a person to lose weight, he must supply his body with less energy than it consumes for a sufficiently long period of time. That’s the whole secret of losing weight and a formula that always works guaranteed!

So to lose weight, it would be sufficient to absorb less energy with food and at the same time to increase the body’s turnover in energy – for example through sports. Incidentally, this is also the procedure that almost all physicians recommend to people who would like to lose weight. The problem with this is that the human body has a clever function that recognizes a temporary food shortage and, according to this knowledge, puts the entire organism in a kind of austerity program. The body therefore independently assumes that the food supply is scarce at the time and stops the utilization of the already existing fat deposits on it. Incidentally, this is also the reason why people start to lose weight quickly at the beginning of a diet and, after a few days, get the feeling that there is no further weight loss. In the first few days, the body changes accordingly, turns on its emergency program and strives to make do with less energy, or better to keep house with its existing depots.

If the diet is eventually stopped, the body strives to better deal with the now abundant food available and stores this as fast and complete form of fat deposits. This results in the notorious JoJo effect, with which people increase very quickly and often weigh more after a diet than before. But that is a fact that people with the desire to lose weight do not want. So what can you do to virtually outsmart your body and effectively lose weight?

Weight lose

Why does coconut Mct oil help lose weight?

With the supply of high-quality and with certain effects equipped foods, it succeeds in helping the organism to lose weight and thus achieve good long-term success. One such high quality food is coconut oil. It is a special energy supplier, unlike traditional and widely used sugar. Coconut oil for weight loss contains special fats, called medium-chain triglycerides, which are processed by the body completely different than all other fats. These fats are absorbed by the liver and do not require bile as part of the digestive process. In the course of this process, the medium-chain triglycerides are converted into ketones. The ketones in turn give the body energy, but are not stored in the form of fat deposits in the cells. The metabolism is boosted, the entire organism including brain and muscles experiences a performance boost, which in conjunction with exercise leads to an increased calorie consumption. Nevertheless, the blood sugar level does not increase, and the entire digestive system is also not charged. So you can lose weight with coconut oil, without burdening the body.

Scientific evidence of the slimming effect of coconut oil

1. The prior study

The now well-known, so-called prior study impressively proves how much the coconut mct oil as a home remedy contributes to weight loss. In this study, a researcher in the 1960s met a hitherto completely isolated island people in the Pacific. As a result, the researcher Prior had the opportunity to study more closely the people of this island nation. He noticed that diseases among the residents as good as not occurred and in addition, almost all islanders had an ideal body weight.

As Dr. Prior, trying to find out the reasons for this phenomenal health in combination with the ideal weight, he quickly came to enjoy coconuts. They were one of the staple foods on the island, and almost all of them ate a fair amount daily. In addition, the extracted from the coconuts coconut oil was used for the production of other food by the islanders. Thus, the good state of health could be directly associated with the regular consumption of sufficiently large quantities of coconut oil. The study thus proves that coconut oil is effective in weight loss.

2. Study from the year 2010: Coconut mct oil actually helps with weight loss

A study conducted in 2010 by a 16-member Chinese research team concluded that the medium- and long-chain triglycerides containing coconut mct oil have a significantly positive effect on fat metabolism and may even change in favor of weight loss. Click here for the studies (Mct oil weight los).

So the best results are achieved when losing weight with coconut oil

To lose weight with the use of coconut oil, it does not require complicated calculations or food preparation. Depending on the body weight, the amount of one tablespoon to one teaspoon daily enough to achieve the desired effect. The coconut oil can be taken either neat or with other foods. A balanced and low-fat diet enhances the effect of coconut mct oil as a natural means of weight loss and is therefore the ideal supplement to the application.

Conclusion: Coconut oil demonstrably promotes weight loss

The experience of many users shows that losing weight with coconut oil is significantly more effective than many diets and dietary supplements. It has no side effects and helps the body to lose weight permanently and long-term without the dreaded JoJo effect. Coconut oil is thus proven to be an ideal home remedy for weight loss, there is no shaking effect on its effect.

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