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Coconut oil

coconut oil

Again and again, new products in the health sector are highly praised, but unfortunately few people keep their promises. Therefore, the effect of alleged miracle products should always be critically scrutinized. By consuming coconut oil, the consumer certainly does not grow wings, but rarely has a vegetable oil applied both internally and externally such a multi-layered and positive effect on the human organism.

The New Zealand researcher Dr. Ian. In the 1960s, A. Prior came across a hitherto isolated island nation in Polynesia, whose almost perfect state of health fascinated him. Subsequent research showed that the islanders ate a large part of coconuts. This, of course, sparked his interest in coconut oil. Research began to focus on coconut oil. She found something amazing: The effect of coconut oil is so diverse and effective that it is still the subject of numerous studies to this day.

It is the valuable ingredients of coconut oil that make this natural fabric so unique. Coconut oil is antibacterial and contains many amino acids, vitamins and trace elements that not only help to alleviate superficial ailments. Coconut oil has been proven to even cure degenerative diseases of the nervous system. This guide informs the reader about the many uses of coconut oil, also called coconut oil.

Coconut oil for healthy hair

Those who suffer from dry, dull and cracked hair or even from hair loss, have often tried every means of the cosmetic industry and medicine. Mostly not with the desired success. Special shampoos and hair restorers are expensive and often contain questionable ingredients. If you want to do something good for your hair with the gentle power of nature, you should treat it regularly with coconut oil. The oil gives the hair valuable moisture, makes it supple and stimulates the hair roots, so that (not hereditary) hair loss is permanently prevented. In short, coconut oil is healthy for the hair and a true fountain of youth.

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Coconut oil for the skin and against skin complaints

Coconut oil is one of the few natural substances that can be used successfully and proven, both in cosmetic problems and mild physical complaints as well as in serious diseases successfully. As can be seen from the corresponding studies, the effect of coconut oil has already been confirmed several times. So it’s not about marketing promises, it’s about scientifically substantiated facts.

Due to the ideal combination of ingredients, coconut oil is very well suited as a remedy for skin diseases of all kinds as well as for cosmetic impairments of the largest organ in humans. Many skin diseases are caused by small or larger inflammatory foci, for example, in acne, but also relapses of atopic dermatitis and other diseases. In this case, it is important to soothe the skin by using an anti-inflammatory agent and to quickly reduce the rate of inflammation. Only then can the skin disease be stopped and then regress.

This is exactly what coconut oil is ideal for. The combination of ingredients ensures that the high-quality oil has an antimicrobial effect. This means that coconut oil is able to destroy bacteria, viruses and other germs thanks to lauric acid. Due to its natural composition, it can be applied to any part of the skin, even the most sensitive parts of the body. There is no risk of overdose or overdose (here more about intake, dosage and use), so anyone can use any amount of coconut oil to care for his skin and prevent any deficiency symptoms. Here are some examples of how coconut oil is used specifically for the skin:

Tip: Another great natural remedy for skin problems is the anti-inflammatory Manuka honey from New Zealand. More information can be found at https://www.natrea.de/nahrungsergaenzung/manuka-honig.html

Coconut oil against wrinkles and for the face: Natural and valuable cosmetics

In the face almost all humans are particularly sensitive. No wonder: skin changes immediately catch the attention of fellow human beings, and even in the mirror, most people look at each other on a daily basis, which always makes such changes a blemish. Wrinkles are also considered such a flaw, they occur in most people from the age of 30 to 35 years. An effective remedy for skin lesions of all kinds and also against wrinkles is coconut oil. With its valuable ingredients, it keeps the skin soft, providing it with plenty of fresh moisture. Furthermore, coconut oil forms a kind of barrier between the skin and the harmful outside world (cold, too much sun, car exhaust, heating air, etc.). Thus, external factors of the skin can hardly harm.

Numerous manufacturers have now recognized how valuable the ingredients of coconut oil are and therefore offer this in the form of cosmetics. Because coconut oil is healthy and has no harmful effects, it can basically be used in any form of cosmetics – whether it is for the face or the rest of the body, even the most sensitive parts of the skin. But it does not necessarily have to be the cosmetics of the big, world-famous manufacturer. With the help of coconut oil, cosmetics can also be made by yourself. Of course, the valuable oil can also be used in its purest form.

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Coconut oil as lip care: Significantly better than Labello & Co

Who does not know that, lips are tight, they are brittle and extremely dry. The handle on a commercial grease pencil is common but counterproductive. Most of them, even those of Labello, do not keep what they promise. In the first time after application, the lips feel moist and well-groomed, but after some time, the dry feeling comes back, and you have to cream again. One has the feeling that the dryness increases more and more. The chemical additives found in most lip care sticks prevent the lips’ natural ability to regulate the moisture balance themselves.

In a lip balm of coconut oil, the effect is completely opposite. The skin-care properties of the natural structure of the lip skin is not suppressed, but only supported. The oil can be applied neat or used as a base for a lip cream that is easy to make yourself. This provides protection against free radicals and can counteract the formation of cold sores by the antiviral effect. In addition, added vitamins and plenty of moisture ensure that small cracks and rough spots on the lips can heal very quickly, or even not arise. A certain protection against UV rays is said to be the coconut oil. Lip care without chemicals and additives is harmless even if you use them frequently.

Coconut oil as a deodorant: Free of any chemicals

If you sweat a lot, you will try to remedy it with the help of a deodorant. One expects the remedy of his choice to reduce or eliminate perspiration, neutralize odors and not harm the sensitive skin under the armpits. Most commercially available deodorants contain active substances that we do not know in part. But a substance we notice immediately, because he is the advertising on everyone’s lips. This is aluminum, which is increasingly associated with the development of cancer. Studies show that we absorb all unhealthy additives through our skin. The cosmetics industry has already responded in part, offering deodorants without aluminum. But who can say that the other chemical additives still contained do not have a similar harmful effect?

The safest way is therefore the use of natural substances such as coconut oil, which is ideal for the production of deodorants. Again, the disinfecting effect of the oil in the foreground. The nourishing agents are ideal for the sensitive underarm skin. The odor-causing bacteria are destroyed and an unpleasant smell of sweat is prevented. If one still wants to have slight fragrances in his coconut oil deodorant, this can easily be achieved by adding essential oils.

Coconut oil as a natural make-up remover

Usually, the skin on the face is not that extremely sensitive. One exception is the eye area. There the skin is very thin and translucent. If you use a commercially available eye make-up remover at this point you risk damage to the affected delicate skin areas. As a result, the skin becomes even thinner, the underlying veins appear stronger, and it can form ugly dark circles.

Coconut oil is the best alternative to conventional products. Its saturated fatty acids make it easier to remove make-up, and the anti-inflammatory and antiviral action removes not only dirt but also harmful bacteria from the facial skin.

Also suitable as sunscreen is coconut oil

It has already been mentioned in the chapter on coconut oil as lip care that some protection against UV rays is a positive side effect. The same properties are also beneficial for sun protection of the entire body. Since UV rays can not only cause an annoying sunburn, but also damage the cells considerably, good sun protection for the skin is an absolute must. Commercially available sunscreens often contain harmful chemicals. Coconut oil is free of all artificial additives and can block about 20% of UV-B radiation. As a basic sunscreen in areas such as Central Europe, the oil is therefore completely sufficient. In addition, it is very nourishing and clogs any skin pores. In addition to the health aspect, the price also plays a certain role nowadays. Coconut oil is a low-cost alternative to the usual sunscreens, even if you pay attention to the highest quality.

Coconut oil for acne and pimples

Due to its antibacterial effect, coconut oil is a very good remedy for inflammatory skin diseases such as acne and pimples. Regularly applied, the coconut oil quickly reduces the inflammation and disappears completely after a short time. The skin is cleansed, moisturized and so affected that in the future, inflammatory diseases will have a much harder time.
Tip: Another great natural remedy for acne is CBD oil, more information can be found at https://www.oel-cbd.com/

Coconut oil for eczema and psoriasis

Atopic dermatitis is a congenital, chronic disease of the skin against which no antidote has been found to date. Constant inflammation in the individual skin layers results in a strong itching, through which the person constantly scratching his skin, which in turn causes new inflammations. A vicious circle. High-quality coconut oil helps to soothe the inflammation and thus to relieve the itching for the person affected. Thus, the eczema can quickly fade away and future outbreaks is prevented.

Psoriasis is, like atopic dermatitis, a disease that is congenital in most cases and can only be treated cosmetically. In this case, psoriasis can be very annoying for those affected. The skin itches and bruises itself constantly, so that the affected person not only feels physical pain, but also mentally – especially by the changed appearance of the skin and hair – is affected. Even with psoriasis, the administration of coconut oil has already achieved very good results. The skin is moisturized so that it will be less scaly in the future. Thus, psoriasis can subside quickly.

Coconut oil against cellulite

It is a nightmare for almost all women: cellulite, also known as orange peel. This is the name given to dendritic skin changes that arise from deposits in the lower layers of the skin and under the skin. The skin is thus uneven and does not look really nice. Again, coconut oil is healthy and can be used as an antidote. It penetrates deep into the skin and tightens all layers of skin so that the typical cellulite dings are much less visible to the outside.

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Coconut oil for viral and bacterial complaints & vermin

Bacteria, viruses and vermin always make sure that the body is heavily loaded. What many do not know: even if they are not seen by humans, the smallest creatures and their eggs can be found everywhere on the human body. Coconut oil should be used to reliably kill them and maintain good health.

The main fatty acid of coconut oil is called lauric acid. It has the property of penetrating the protective lipid membrane of bacteria and viruses and thus destroying the pests from within. Thus, lauric acid strengthens the immune system and helps the body to defend itself against diseases and pests. The body can not produce this acid in the required amount itself, so man can help him with the intake of coconut oil.

Oil pulling with coconut oil: The best prevention against tooth decay

Oil extraction with coconut oil is considered the ultimate method of cleaning and care of the teeth due to its antibacterial properties. The oil, such as a tablespoonful, is put into the mouth and stirred for about 15 minutes. You can pull it through your teeth, make a chewing motion, like rinsing with a mouthwash, the main thing is that it comes into contact with the entire inner space of the mouth, including all teeth and interdental spaces. If you have pulled the coconut oil long enough, it will be completely spit out again. Due to its antibacterial effect, it binds harmful bacteria that are constantly in our mouths and can attack teeth and gums there.

The best time for this cleaning is in the morning immediately after getting up, before brushing your teeth and before breakfast. At night, unhealthy germs gather in our oral cavity and these should be expelled as soon as possible by pulling the oil in the morning. In the evening, the best time to brush your teeth. Thorough rinsing with clear water prevents contaminated oil residues from remaining in the mouth.

Coconut oil is therefore the best choice because it contains two very strong antibacterial fatty acids. These are absorbed particularly well via the mucous membranes. Irritation, infection and damage to the gums are alleviated, and cell regeneration is also supported.

Various studies, such as the 2012 Athlone Institute of Technology study, show that oil extraction with coconut oil has an anti-caries effect and counteracts the onset of gingivitis. Taking the cosmetic aspect into consideration, oil pulling is not only rewarded with whiter teeth, but it also ensures perfect oral hygiene.

It even goes so far that the Ayurvedic doctrine, which has been practicing oil-drawing for thousands of years, assumes that it positively influences and strengthens the immune system. For example, because there are certain reflex zones on the tongue, the beneficial effects of pulling oil can also affect various processes inside the body and stimulate detoxification of toxins.

The antibacterial nature of coconut oil helps with sore throats and colds

With this oil we have an effective helper against inflammation of the upper respiratory tract. For example, the antibacterial and antiviral effect can relieve sore throats, and a small amount in hot tea helps to combat the typical symptoms of a cold.

Even an infection caused by fungi can be relieved with coconut oil. The fatty acids lauric acid and caprylic acid contained therein fight fungi in a natural way.

The spread of herpes is prevented thanks to coconut oil

Herpes is a disease caused by viruses. One differentiates between different forms of herpes, for example the Genitalherpes or also the more well-known cold sores. Again, coconut oil can be used. It has an antibacterial effect and ensures that the inflamed areas quickly swell and so the herpes does not spread further.

Chiropody with coconut oil

The whole day we are on our feet. No wonder that our feet need special care. The wearing of shoes is necessary but also brings many disadvantages. The skin on the feet can not breathe, it sweats and it creates unpleasant odors, bacteria and fungi populate these areas of skin. Coconut oil can also help to maintain or restore foot health through its many features already mentioned. To do this, gently heat the coconut oil and massage your feet after showering or bathing.

Coconut oil against vermin and insects

The idea that pests crawl around on the skin causes discomfort in many people. The good news: The pests hate coconut oil.

Coconut oil in ticks, lice and fleas:

There is hardly a human being who is not afraid of infestation by ticks, lice or fleas. The former, through their bites, transmit some serious illnesses, while lice and fleas can become true epidemics once they have laid their eggs on their bodies. Here, coconut oil helps with its antibacterial effect and quickly kills both the animals and their offspring. Read our detailed article about coconut oil against ticks .

Mosquitoes hate the smell of lauric acid in coconut oil

Mosquitoes, especially mosquitoes, are very annoying in the spring and summer months. Sometimes you can also transmit diseases. The application of coconut oil to the skin repels mosquitoes and mosquito bites reliably, because they absolutely can not smell the lauric acid, let alone come into contact with it. Coconut oil is therefore a very reliable remedy for mosquitoes.

With coconut oil against worms and mites

An infestation of worms is certainly the horror scenario par excellence for most people. But even animals are repeatedly attacked by such microorganisms. The rubbing in of the skin with coconut oil is also proven to reliably prevent infestation with worms.

For mites is basically the same as for worms. These are microorganisms that live mostly undiscovered together with humans. In particular, in bed or in mattresses millions of mites frolic, even with thorough hygiene. Those who take care of coconut oil on a regular basis also sell most of these annoying microorganisms.

Our article Coconut oil for fleas, lice and mites deals with this topic more closely.

Coconut oil kills fungi

Like microorganisms, humans surround mushrooms in many different forms and forms. They are known, for example, as nail fungus or in the form of fungal infections in the genital area. Here, too, coconut oil is healthy and reliable, and kills the mushrooms as they emerge.

Coconut oil for weight loss – A myth?

Who wants to lose weight, must change many things, especially the diet. Of course, there are a huge amount of powders, drinks and other nutritional supplements on the market. In the medical field, new tablets come on the market, which are supposed to help the body to lose weight in a miraculous way. It must be said quite clearly that most of these remedies are artificial and do not even come close to the promised effect.

Coconut oil, on the other hand, is a completely natural substance that effectively aids the body in losing weight by engaging in the metabolism. In particular, the ketones released in coconut oil affect human fat loss, resulting in a long-term weight loss effect that is much more successful than any short-term diet.

A study conducted in 2010 by a 16-member Chinese research team concluded that the medium- and long-chain triglycerides containing coconut oil have a significantly positive effect on, and even modulation of, lipid metabolism.

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Coconut oil in serious diseases

It has been proven that coconut oil can positively affect the nervous system and metabolism.

Alzheimer’s & Dementia:

The diseases of the degenerative nervous system called Alzheimer’s and dementia are more and more common in our modern society. Again and again, supposed miracle drugs are brought to the market, which should stop the progress of the diseases. So far, the achievements have been marginal at best, a real cure has not yet been discovered. According to studies, coconut oil has already been able to impressively prove its effectiveness and is not only able to fight the symptoms and prevent the diseases from progressing, but also has a real healing effect due to its ingredients. Countries where coconut oil is present in the kitchen have been shown to reduce Alzheimer’s disease.

The Pediatrician Dr. Mary Newport found out from her husband’s Alzheimer’s disease that one of the main causes of the onset of this disease is a problem with the poor use of glucose in the brain. Even when sufficient amounts of glucose are supplied, the patient’s brain can not convert them into the necessary energy. Adding ketones can solve this problem. And coconut oil in turn provides these ketones. Thus, the effectiveness of coconut oil in Alzheimer’s disease could be demonstrated.

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Prevent cancer with coconut oil

Cancers are still the number one killer in modern Western countries. Every year, they also occur millions of times in Germany. Despite chemo and other countermeasures, it has not yet been possible to find an effective antidote to the treacherous cancer. Independent studies have shown, however, that coconut oil can greatly increase the number of antioxidant enzymes in the body. Because these enzymes inhibit the development and growth of cancer cells, coconut oil, when taken on a regular basis, is a natural means of preventing cancer.

The nerve disease parkinson

That the so-called degenerative nerve diseases are on the rise, especially in Western countries, can be seen in the ever-increasing number of new cases each year. In addition to Alzheimer’s and dementia, Parkinson’s belongs to this type of nervous disease. Activating the antioxidant enzymes mentioned above not only prevents cancer cells from growing, but also positively affects nerve cells, so that existing Parkinson’s disease can be alleviated or even cured and new diseases can be prevented. In short, coconut oil effectively promotes combat to degenerative nerve diseases.

What coconut oil can do for diabetes

Coconut oil is also an effective remedy for diabetes. With its unique molecular structure of medium-chain fatty acids, coconut oil is proven to lower the risk of diabetes, as body cells do not need glucose to break down the medium-chain molecules. This will not affect the body’s natural insulin production. Regular consumption of coconut oil effectively prevents an outbreak of dreaded diabetes. Coconut oil can also be used in existing diabetes illnesses, the antioxidant, antibacterial and antifungal fatty acids have a very positive effect on the further course of the disease. Even regression of already existing diabetes illnesses (type 1 & 2) could already be observed.

Coconut oil for animals

What is good for humans can not be bad for animals either. And so coconut oil also in dogs, cats, horses and all other animals, both internally and externally applied a very good effect. Coconut oil, for example, can act as a gentle and yet very effective worming cure. For this, a small amount of the valuable oil is simply added to the daily food, and possibly existing parasites in the gastrointestinal tract of the animal disappear within a short time.

Applied externally, coconut oil supports coat care and also keeps annoying parasites such as ticks, fleas etc. away from the animal. It surrounds the entire animal with a kind of protective coat, through which the annoying microorganisms can not penetrate. Would you like more information about this topic? Then read the article Coconut oil for dogs, cats and horses .

Conclusion: coconut oil – a very special and valuable gift of nature

Hardly any other natural substance has such a positive effect as coconut oil, both internally and externally applied to the human body. Through the ideal composition of the ingredients, it stimulates the metabolism, protects the skin, combats through its antibacterial effect a variety of parasites and can even contain serious diseases.

In the process, coconut oil develops its effect very gently and without any side effects or side effects. The question “How healthy is coconut oil?” Can therefore be answered not only with a clear “yes”, but with the correct sentence: Coconut oil is a gift of nature.

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