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Cellulite treatment

Argan for Cellulite

Argan helps

Cellulite – not to be confused with cellulitis, an acute bacterial inflammation of the subcutaneous tissue – is a problem that predominantly affects women. Dents and uneven, wobbly skin, the typical orange peel on the buttocks and thighs, have made many celebrated beauty unwelcome in the media and drives many women to despair.

As controversial as most externally applicable remedies for cellulite are, argan oil has helped in many cases or effectively supported a multi-layered treatment.

Why does cellulite develop?

Almost 90 percent of all women over the age of 20 will develop cellulite sooner or later – how pronounced they decide

  • the genes
  • the connective tissue
  • the body fat percentage
  • the female hormones, especially the action of estrogen
  • Hyperacidity or metabolic waste due to wrong diet

The connective tissue of the woman does not form a strong network with longitudinal and transverse strands as in men, but only in one direction going struts. Hips, thighs and buttocks are provided by Mother Nature as the place where fat cells accumulate to store hard times. Exactly here fat cells push through the connective tissue and cause dents and hills – the orange peel.

A diet alone is not an effective remedy for cellulite. Because the distribution and size of the fat cells in the affected area is also a matter of predisposition. They squeeze the tissue together as it grows. The result is a lack of blood flow to the various layers of the skin and a reduced lymph drainage.

Whether and when a mismatch between connective tissue and fat cells occurs in life is different for every woman. Frequently, cellulite dents vary in severity throughout the menstrual cycle. Overweight may play a role in some cases – on the other hand, even slender, well-trained athletes are often affected.

The exact causes of cellulite are still not completely unraveled. To be suspected are either a disorder of metabolism or a lack of microcirculation in the existing adipose tissue. Many women naturally have relatively weak connective tissue and develop cellulite on the thighs, buttocks and often the upper arms at a very young age. Meanwhile, medical experts and cosmetics experts assume that cellulite is simply typical of women and that women should, to a certain extent, come to terms with their appearance. That is certainly true.

Nevertheless, women who disturb and strain the orange peel need not give up immediately. Because there is a lot to do against cellulite.

Gradual differences in severity

The image of cellulite is getting worse

  • in a one-sided diet
  • in a lack of muscle mass – even in normal weight or slim people
  • in case of dehydration or dehydration
  • often with heavy smokers
  • almost always overweight or after crash diets

Cellulite in the first stage shows significant dents when the skin is displaced or pinched. In Type Two, the dents are only visible when standing, in Type Three already lying down. It has been proven that it is only possible in the initial stage to fight the unloved dents with success through different ways of treatment.

Disease symptom or blemishes?

In contrast to lipoedema, an inherited fat distribution disorder, which is influenced neither by the way of life nor the diet, cellulite is a pure blemish, not a morbid appearance. Nevertheless, the orange peel also appears as a symptom in lipoedema. Especially for slim women, who are extremely heavy on buttocks and thighs, it is important to have the situation clarified by the doctor.

In the case of cellulite can be achieved in addition to other measures with a lot of sports and a change in diet, a visible improvement in the appearance of the skin. Lipoedema can not be controlled with exercise or the toughest diet. Jammed fluid from the lymphatic system, pain, tension and frequent bruising are important symptoms. Over time, the lymphatic system is massively disturbed and the fatty tissue is prone to inflammation. The disease can spread to the lower legs and arms. In this case, a medical treatment is necessary, because the symptoms increase with time. Here, surgical liposuction is often the drug of choice – it can not cure the disease, but provide significant relief.

Common procedure for cellulite

Many remedies and cosmetic measures are on the market. The offers range from suction pump massages to dietary supplements, gels, creams and treatments with low current electrodes.

This way you can waste a lot of money. The applied methods are partly effective in a few women, in many not at all. Without a combination with targeted muscle growth and a possibly necessary change in diet, they all cause little or nothing.

The last resort is surgical liposuction, liposuction, which is also expensive and certainly effective – as long and as far as the female connective tissue is concerned. And even here it is true: Without supportive measures, although the cellulite initially largely remove, it will inevitably re-form over time.

Reason enough, first with consequence and will to follow simpler and cheaper ways.

How can argan oil help against cellulite and why?

If you look at some of the causes of cellulite, it quickly becomes clear how argan oil can help: The chemical composition of argan oil is very similar to that of human skin fat and is absorbed immediately. Therefore, it helps the skin to retain moisture – even if the hormone status or other causes have dried out the skin before. Argan oil has been valued as an effective skin care product in everyday life in its hot, dry homeland of Morocco for millennia.

Argan oil contains plenty of antioxidants, such as omega-3 fatty acids, which improve microcirculation in subcutaneous adipose tissue. Argan oil continues to stimulate blood circulation and improve microcirculation in the subcutaneous fatty tissue.

Now, it is arguably true that normally oils and fats do not penetrate deep into the skin, and a whole range of expensive cellulite creams can only temporarily alleviate the problem in the long run. However, due to its special composition, argan oil actually seems to penetrate deeper than other skincare products and therefore has a more effective effect.

The same applies to stretch marks that form on the abdomen – they also come from connective tissue weakness and damage, especially if the skin was previously overstretched, for example, during pregnancy or severe weight changes. Almost every woman is affected by stretch marks after birth.

As a massage oil, argan oil helps in both cases. A treatment of the affected skin regions with brushes or massage glove also improve the circulation of the affected areas deep in the tissue.

Experience shows that treatment with argan oil actually helps

Most advertised cellulite creams act on the top layers of skin. Ingredients such as green tea or caffeine tauten them to strengthen, become more elastic, bind more moisture, and the fatty tissue gradually pushes less through the collagen network of the connective tissue. Combined with brush massages and lymph drainage, regular use promises at least a superficial success.

Argan oil penetrates easily and deeply into the skin due to its composition. The treatment with argan oil can be done both externally and internally. Experts recommend taking one tablespoon of argan oil three times a day to treat cellulite. For example, silicic acid can also be added to strengthen the connective tissue.

The external treatment consists in massages of affected skin areas or heat packs with argan oil. In many cosmetic institutes good results are achieved.

The special properties of argan oil have a balancing effect on the hormone system, which plays a role in the development of cellulite and provide the body with vitamin E. The cell protection vitamin combats free radicals, thus keeping the skin young and elastic and promotes the development of collagen structures. Even the appearance of scars improves according to experience by vitamin E-containing oils, such as argan oil. This means that the contained vitamin E also externally unfolds its healing and skin-renewing effect. The progression of cellulite can thus effectively be stopped if further measures – sports, diet changes, regular massages or lymphatic drainage – are added.

Take a healthy diet and exercise against cellulite

A diet that offers plenty of variety, plenty of vitamins, minerals and essential amino acids is the best way to prevent cellulite. Among other things, it helps to keep the connective tissue firm and stable. It is not superficially about calorie saving, but about the supply of all the necessary vital substances to keep skin and hair healthy. A changeover is finally noticeable on the scales.

Poison, on the other hand, is a quick change between obesity and radical weight loss: the connective tissue is damaged – once “overstretched” and without enough time to adapt, the visible consequences are almost impossible to reverse. On top of that, radical diets usually trigger the infamous yo-yo effect, and success does not last long. Because the organism switches to starvation mode during starvation, in the future food will be better “recycled” and the way back to ideal weight becomes more and more a fight.

Nicotine is also harmful: The skin ages faster overall, the connective tissue loses its elasticity. Even those who take a lot of salt, tends to water retention: these in turn push in the cellulite areas as well as the fat cells to the outside.

Exercise and adequate exercise not only keep circulation and blood circulation going, so the skin always benefits. In addition, fat reservoirs turn into muscle mass. Muscles burn more calories than bacon rolls and fat cells, which creates a positive circulation. Who wants to fight cellulite, should rely on these factors. A combination of strength and endurance training is optimal.

Naturally weak connective tissue loosens easily with violent movement. Swimming, cycling and strength training on equipment is the first choice here to improve muscle texture through the skin and tighten the connective tissue.

Conclusion: successfully combat cellulite with argan oil

By using argan oil on the affected skin, cellulite can be alleviated. The best result is also dependent

  • the degree of expression of cellulite
  • from a targeted strengthening of the connective tissue
  • from building muscle
  • from an effective nutrition plan

Argan oil is rare and correspondingly expensive. But as a rich massage oil, which penetrates into deeper layers of the skin and as a dietary supplement, it often leads to surprising results in the treatment of organ skin. Measured by the cost of many special creams, special cosmetic treatments or even a surgical procedure (liposuction), an experiment with argan oil is relatively inexpensive compared. The skin picture can be improved decisively in any case. Speaking of skin, do you know what else argan oil can do for the skin? Click here for the article Nicer and healthier skin with argan oil .


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