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Argan oil for the face: the best facial care of nature

argan oil for skinn

The fact that argan oil is able to fully replace some expensive industrial cosmetic products and, for example, to effectively counteract skin aging has been confirmed by studies

Why industrially manufactured cosmetics are absolutely not suitable as facial care

There’s a reason why beauty products are often delivered in a beautiful, high-quality packaging: Because the content is unconvincing . The fact that the content of pure chemicals in industrial tanks with several tons capacity is made, everyone should be familiar. Nevertheless, the cosmetics industry makes billions, with: Nothing. These are products that by no means deserve to touch our skin. Allergens, nanoparticles, pollutants: The list of substances discovered in the laboratory that nobody wants to have on the skin, and least of all in the face, is getting longer and longer. Also, the far-reaching consequences of the carcinogenic substances are gradually becoming known.

The good : The trend is going, preferably to buy natural, pure herbal cosmetics – such as argan oil. In his country of origin, it has been massaged in the face since time immemorial to protect against the sun, the drying of the skin and signs of aging

What argan oil can do for the face

Taut, fresh and pure facial skin meets the ideal of beauty. Argan oil is not only an anti-aging treatment that prevents wrinkles and wrinkles from spreading prematurely, it also has a balancing effect on oily, too dry or combination skin, against blackheads, increases the skin’s ability to retain moisture and, for example, after sunburn or recover minor injuries quickly. Also against pimple marks, pigment spots and moles, argan oil seems to be effective in helping or fading it.

Argan oil is suitable for the care of the skin and the lips, for cleaning or make-up removal. Allergens or comedogenic ingredients are undetectable. Even eyebrows and eyelashes can be taken care of and their growth stimulated.

Men have long discovered the argan oil as a care product and use it for beard, skin, eyebrows and hair.

Argan oil is not comedogenic

Comedones are the small gray-black dots that indicate enlarged, clogged pores, also known as blackheads. They are a precursor to acne and pimples. Nevertheless, they are no signal for uncleanliness, just a sign that sebum does not naturally flow outward, but remains in the pores and discolored under the influence of oxygen. Many people have blackheads, especially on the side of the nose, on the chin or on the forehead. The removal is difficult.

The list of all substances in cosmetics considered to be comedogenic is long. Nursing creams contain it as well as cleansing products for make-up removal. Many manufacturers state that their products did not contain these substances. The problem is that each person reacts differently – some have a robust, insensitive, fine and pure skin, others have large pores in some parts of the face and develop blackheads for the slightest reason. Especially with acne, comedogenic substances should be strictly avoided.

Argan oil is one of the skin care products that have been proven to have no comedogenic effect . On the contrary, it has been proven to help control excessive sebum production.

Argan oil and its action against acne

Not only teenagers in puberty are affected. Some people beat themselves into adulthood with comedones, pimples, blackheads and even severe acne. The reasons are complex. Stress, nutritional errors, metabolic and hormonal imbalances or unsuitable skin care products are possible causes.

In severe cases, the doctor helps with a range of preparations for internal and external use: It prescribes vitamin A acid, mild antibiotics and other agents. But countless experiences show that often even the omission of various cosmetics and the use of pure argan oil solves part of the problem. Because argan oil

  • Regulates sebum production
  • is anti-inflammatory
  • has antimicrobial and disinfecting effects
  • stimulates blood circulation even in the deeper layers of the skin

Thus, it is a tried and tested way to combat acne.

Because argan oil has been proven to have healing properties, visible scars and pimples also recede.

Acne can also be caused by a hormonal imbalance. In this case, argan oil would help little, however, chaste tree already. Chasteberry regulates the hormonal imbalance gently and naturally.

Argan oil for pimples and blackheads: experiences are clearly positive

Usually, acne sets off a vicious cycle: aggressive cleansers dry out the skin, but do not prevent new irritations. On the contrary – the drier the skin becomes, the more it tends to increase sebum production, ignite and provide bacteria with an attack surface.

Many acne sufferers of pimples and blackheads have had positive experiences with argan oil. Argan oil, because of its antimicrobial properties, soothes the inflamed areas of the skin, while at the same time regulating the moisture balance and giving the skin a chance to regenerate. The strong production of sebum goes back.

Those who also take argan oil internally – at a dosage of two to three tablespoons a day – also bring the hormone and digestive system into balance.

A medical acne therapy can be effectively supported with this natural care product. In lighter cases, it is often sufficient to dispense with many creams, tart lotion and lotions and to rely on argan oil as a sole care product

How argan oil works against wrinkles: Natural anti-aging

The argan oil’s ingredients, most notably vitamin E, help with cell irritation, promote blood circulation and increase the skin’s ability to retain moisture. In addition, strong antioxidants are at work, which give dry or sun-damaged skin again elasticity and freshness. Even conspicuous traces such as frown lines and crow’s feet can be alleviated with argan oil. Again, experience confirms the anti-aging effects of argan oil. As a daily protective barrier between our skin and the outer fluids, argan oil significantly retards skin aging.

Nicer and longer eyelashes with argan oil

Many women can only dream of beautiful, long eyelashes. Part of the investment thing, but occasionally can be helped a little – and not only with artificial (expensive) eyelash extensions.

Although it may seem a little difficult to get argan oil on the hair roots of the eyelashes, the circulation-enhancing and regenerative effect of the oil not only stimulates hair growth on the scalp. Eyelashes, which are thin and fragile, grow after a while of care vigorous and shiny again. For this purpose, the eyelash roots with a cotton swab, which was previously in argan oil, massaged.

Can argan oil create thicker eyebrows?

The number of hair roots in the area of ​​the eyebrows (and also on the head) is genetically determined and does not change. But because hair roots are active in a shift and move between phases of rest and growth, argan oil nevertheless has the effect that it may cause hair to grow faster and more densely.

Through its stimulating effect on the skin circulation and its valuable ingredients, it activates the hair roots – and dense, shiny eyebrows are the result of regular use.

Because head hair, eyebrows and eyelashes grow more thin and sparse due to hormonal factors, argan oil is also the anti-aging agent of choice here.

Argan oil for dark circles and eye wrinkles

Shadows under the eyes, dark circles, bags under the eyes and wrinkles around the eyes: it’s not always just nights of celebration. The causes can be manifold: In addition to a thyroid disorder, nicotine consumption, stress, nutritional deficiencies, lack of fluids, depression or iron deficiency can also be involved. In extreme cases, a doctor should be consulted, especially if symptoms such as insomnia, extreme tiredness, or increased susceptibility to infection are added.

In some individuals, darker pigments are increasingly forming under the eyes. Because argan oil penetrates deeply, stimulating blood circulation and cell regeneration, it is also a proven remedy for dark circles and eye wrinkles. In addition, it enhances the skin’s ability to retain moisture and has been shown to normalize enhanced melatonin production in the cells.

Regular use of argan oil can at least alleviate dark circles and freshen up the appearance significantly.

Moist and shiny lips

The circulation-enhancing effect of argan oil and its ability to retain moisture in the skin make it suitable as a lip balm, even when heat, dry air and other factors stress the skin of the lips. In addition, the lips appear full of argan oil.

Argan oil is ideal for make-up removal

Removing with argan oil is particularly kind to the skin. A few drops of argan oil on a soft facial tissue make it easy to gently remove eyeshadow and make-up. For the eyes and the skin, a new cloth should be used when removing make-up. Lukewarm water should then be enough for a “clean” feeling on the skin. Tension the skin afterwards, a little argan oil is applied again.

Argan oil can also be used as a scrub

With an exfoliant, the skin is freed of excess sebum, dead cells and everyday dirt and can “breathe” again. It is important not to dry out the skin too strong, otherwise the sebum production is extremely cranked and attacked the acid mantle.

A nourishing exfoliant that meets these criteria is easy to perform with this recipe. Used on unclean skin about once a week, the positive effect is not coming. Here are the ingredients:

  • 1 teaspoon argan oil
  • Protein of 1 egg
  • 3 teaspoons fresh milk
  • 2 teaspoons sugar

Mix the egg white and all other ingredients with a blender until a soft paste is formed. This is distributed on the face and neck and should act for a maximum of 10 minutes, then it is washed off. Then rub a few drops of pure argan oil into the face and neck.

Argan oil for him: a nice beard thanks to argan oil

What applies to the scalp, eyebrows and eyelashes, also applies to the beard: Argan oil circulates the hair roots and thus improves their nutrient supply. Accordingly, the hair roots are activated and let grow faster strong, healthy and shiny hair. Beard carriers can be maintained with the help of argan oil and appear impressive.

What are the experiences of users?

Numerous users of argan oil perceive it as a natural product due to their experience, which should not be missing in daily care. It is not just the experience after the application, but also a scientifically proven effect. The users are enthusiastic about the effect of the oil in everyday cosmetics, even if previously massive skin problems were present

Pure argan oil in the face?

The best experience was made by users who use pure argan oil on the skin. For this, a few drops are enough. If you let it work overnight, you will be surprised the next morning: The skin is then much fresher, firmer and clearer.

It is also advisable to apply in the morning before going out a few drops, this argan oil film acts as a barrier between the facial skin and the external influences (cold, drought, ultraviolet radiation).

Which product should be used for the face, buy roasted or unroasted argan oil?

Roasted argan oil is well suited as an ingredient in the kitchen – it has a nut-like, round taste and has a subtle scent of vanilla and almonds. As a cosmetic, it is only partially suitable because some valuable ingredients are lost through the roasting.

For the skin it is best to buy the cold pressed oil. It is pure and has the full, undiminished spectrum of bioactive ingredients. The smell is barely perceptible.

Conclusion: An effective and natural facial care

Argan oil is a valuable and effective facial care product. Skin problems, signs of age and fatigue can be significantly reduced and delayed by consistent use. Anyone who chooses to buy argan oil as a substitute for a sophisticated range of cosmetics will even get away with it relatively cheaply. And as a pure organic product, it is a guarantee for well-groomed, healthy skin.

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